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Hi, I’m Jenny – welcome to my blog!

I am a Military Spouse (Navy wife) and in 2018, we were posted to the USA from Scotland, UK.  Although my hubby and I have been together since 2011, this is the first time we had had to move – given we are a military family, I know that we are very lucky to be able to say that!

‘We’ is me, my hubby and our two children, one son and one daughter.  At the time of the move they were 3 and 1 so a handful to say the least!

We moved from a suburb of Glasgow in central Scotland where we could drive to see our parents within 40mins max, to a town in Pennsylvania, USA… considerably further away!  Our parents were very supportive but I know they missed us as much as we missed them.


My husband was posted to Pennsylvania for 3 years so we thought we had plenty of time to explore and experience American Life… then in 2020 a pandemic had other ideas.  It was a fairly major life change to move across the Atlantic, obviously, so I started blogging about the figurative and literal journey.

When we moved to Pennsylvania in 2018, I struggled to find any online groups of people in a similar situation but I had a lot of questions and I figured that if I did, then others probably did too.  The UK to USA Military Spouses Facebook group was born and now it is a wonderful community and very helpful if you are considering an overseas posting to the USA!

In February 2021 I also joined The Military Mom Collective as a contributor and have written several articles for them about military life.  If you don’t know about The Military Mom Collective, it is an online community for anyone connected with the military and has great resources and support available.

I hope you enjoy reading about the highs and lows of a transatlantic military move and how we adjusted to American life!

The blogs are here: The Blogs…

The vlogs are here: The Vlogs…

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