First American Christmas…

Before we left the UK in August 2018, we had planned our first visit home.  It wasn’t that we wanted to leave before we had even arrived but just that we (ok, me!) are the type of people who like to have a plan and we thought it would make the transition easier for the kids if we could let them know when we would be back. 

When we were making the decision, we struggled a bit with where we would have Christmas but in the end we decided to have Christmas in the USA and then fly home shortly after.  In the UK, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so Christmas is the main holiday and the emphasis is very much on family.  Although we would have loved to be home with friends and family for this, in the end the logistics won out and we decided to have Christmas at home.  Santa has enough on his plate at that time of year without having to deliver present to the UK just to be brought back to the USA…

As I mentioned in Ho, Ho, Homesick… I was feeling a bit low in the approach to Christmas, especially as I knew we would be away from our family, but in the end it was a truly lovely day!

The kids both woke up at a reasonable hour and they were so excited to open their presents and stockings.  Thankfully, the dollshouse that Santa’s helper took 4 hours to build and wrap was a hit with both of them!  Phew. 

The main reason that it was such a nice day was that it was just the four of us so we had no time restraints and that took the pressure off the kids and they could just enjoy the day.  Usually we are rushing to get everyone ready to go out to family or to have family to our house but all of that was removed and with it went the trantrums and stress.  Wonderful!  We even let the kids eat their lunch in their pjs.

Added to this, my hubby made a truly awesome Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.  The kids ate it fairly well (except the sprouts) and not too much of it ended up on the carpet so I’m calling that for the win.  The kids got down and played with their toys in between courses and that also took the pressure off instead of trying to keep them at the table for the whole meal.  We had a big break before dessert too and we needed it after the feast hubby prepared!  Yum.

Please don’t get me wrong, given the choice I would have loved to be surrounded by our nearest and dearest for the day but in lieu of that, a day without tantrums was the next best thing!


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