A surprisingly happy Hallowe’en

Well played America, well played: You’ve turned this Halloween cynic into a Halloween fan!

I have to say, I really wasn’t looking forward to our first Halloween in the States.  I’m sure that is an unpopular view here but in Scotland, we just really weren’t that into it.  We did what we had to so that the kids enjoyed it but it rarely extended beyond taking them to a party or two that someone, who was more excited about it, was brave enough to throw.  We were a bit ‘bah humbug’ about the whole thing. 

I remember enjoying Halloween as a child, especially going guising (as in disguising), as we called it in Scotland, or Trick or Treating.  As a grown-up though, I dreaded the knock at the door from kids I didn’t recognise and had been known (before I had kids of my own) to turn off all the lights and pretend I wasn’t home on Halloween night! 

That said, the buzz around Halloween here is totally infectious!  Almost everyone, kids and grown-ups alike, really gets into it.  Houses are decorated, in some cases up to a month before Halloween, and there are so many events organised around the neighbourhood that it is hard not to get caught up in it.  One of our neighbours even threw a street party, which was great.

Trunk decorated with skeletons and pumpkins
Trunk or Treat

I had never experienced a ‘Trunk or Treat’ event before.  Not least because we don’t call the trunk of the car that in the UK – ‘Boot or Treat’ doesn’t have the same ring.  What a great idea though!  The kids get to do some trick or treating without having to walk far (resulting in considerably less moaning) and the people giving out candy only have to decorate a relatively small area but it still looks great and my kids had a blast.

The other great thing, in our neighbourhood at least, is that I knew when the Trick or Treaters would come.  There was a set 2 hour time slot for trick or treating so the anxiousness over when/if the doorbell would ring was removed.  I knew that by 8pm, our house would be our own again and I could settle the kids into bed.  That made a massive difference to my enjoyment of the night!

Next year, I may even dress up myself… we’ll see!


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